"I'm Not Sure What I Want, But I'll Know It When I See It!"

You give us the "big picture" and we'll fill in all the details to make your vision complete.

When starting most projects, it is hard to imagine the end results, and even harder to know where to begin. Fortunately, you have us to walk you through the entire project from concept to delivery, and you'll be involved the whole time.

Here's What We Do For You:

  • Define the Goals of your Project or Campaign
  • Create a Production Plan and Strategy Aligned with Your Company's Values and Culture
  • Manage the Complete Production and Budget
  • Coordinate Delivery and Launch
  • Monitor Results and Analytics

There are a lot of "invisibles and intangibles" that go into any project. Don't worry, we'll take care of all the little things in the background so you can focus on the big picture. You'll be getting a lot more than just a production crew when you work with MetMedia. You'll be getting a powerful team of experts to help you clarify your goals, vision and approach long before the cameras roll.

Your team combines deep knowledge of sales, psychology, marketing and production to help you reach out in an honest, natural way. We'll work with you to create the perfect language and visuals to convey what you are all about, then use those words and imagery to drive real results.